Our mission is to inform and assist business owners, especially LLC owners.  To that end, we counsel and advise business owners at all stages of their business: formation, day-to-day operations, and growth.

Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC (based out of St. Paul, Minnesota) will provide a cost effective 45 minute consultation, giving business owners an overview of their options, discussing their concerns, and providing guidance on how to proceed with their transactions.  We are happy to help your business no matter who you are: big or small; just a concept or been around for years.

Every business is unique and each business owner runs a company a little bit differently.  Therefore, it is important to know your legal options, their ramifications, and how to best operate YOUR business.  We want to do everything we can to help you and your business succeed.

Please call Royee at 651-690-9906, or visit us online at vlodlaw.com.


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