The Next Step

In addition to the introduction of new food items, Minnesota-based Caribou Coffee Co., Inc.’s expansion into supermarkets and other commercial venues has played a role in its increased profits for this quarter.

Expansion of a product or service into additional venues is accompanied by various regulations including permit and licensing requirements. Small and large businesses alike should consult an attorney to ensure that the necessary regulation and permit requirements are met.

For a closer look at Caribou Coffee Co., Inc.’s sales margins for the quarter, take a look at the article from the Star Tribune:



Company Growth

A little change in a company’s business plan can be immensely beneficial. Minnesota based company, Caribou Coffee, has recently taken on a rebranding strategy that focuses on building brand awareness and keeping quality at the forefront. The company has recently introduced a number of new and improved food and beverage products.

Introduction of a new product or service is generally accompanied by new legal ramifications. Small and large businesses alike should consult an attorney with questions concerning plans of business expansion. An attorney can ensure that the necessary steps are taken to reduce legal liability for the new endeavor.

For a further look at Caribou Coffee’s business plan for the future, read the article available from the Star Tribune: